Common Questions

Typical turnaround is 3-10 working days depending on our current schedule and the scope of work to be performed.

It should always be the goal of the website owner to make the site easy to work with for visitors. Updates are continually solving these types of problems, so it is imperative that you keep up for your users if nothing else.

Keeping your account updated will also help you gain the latest features available. These updates are usually free. This will make your site even more useful than before while keeping in mind the most important thing about updates—speed and security.

Just as with computer updates, there will come a time when you want to make changes to your website, and in many cases you will need the latest version of WordPress to do so.

WordPress is one of the most targeted programs by bloggers because it holds the keys to so many millions of websites. This puts a target on your back, and therefore your website more of a likelihood of being hacked. A WordPress update is the software’s way of helping you fix the problem before it starts.

Updates are not only created to keep your website secure but also to improve its usability and performance from your end. If you want the most efficient WordPress account, you’re going to need to keep up with the updates.