ADA Compliance: why web accessibility is crucial

On March 18th 2022, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued an opinion on ADA Compliance related to websites. While it’s not the first time that ADA Compliance for websites has been discussed, we think this is the first time an official stance has been voiced about ADA Compliance for business websites. You can find and read the article here.

Since the DOJ has officially taken the stance that business websites should meet specific accessibility standards, BERI Design Consultancy believes that the number of lawsuits related to non-compliance will continue the rise.

What is web accessibility?

As you know, the Americans With Disabilities act requires businesses to ensure that everyone can access their physical locations (ex: wheelchair-accessible ramps). Now websites need to make similar adjustments to accommodate people with disabilities (ex: insert a description of an image so that a screen reader can relay it to a user that is blind).

Who has to be ADA compliant?

Restaurants and eateries

Small and medium businesses of all types

Retail / ecommerce stores

Real estate agencies

Education industry

Healthcare industry

Why should I make my website accessible?

Mitigate litigation risk

Mitigate Litigation Risk: In 2021 alone, an estimated 300,000 website owners (roughly 1% of small businesses) received Demand Letters for failing to have accessible websites.

The average settlement was around $30,000. Making your website more accessible helps you to manage this significant litigation and reputational risk.

It’s the right thing to do

It’s the right thing to do: The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion social movement is growing exponentially. Inclusivity is a civil rights issue, and brands that prioritize it send a clear positive message that they see and care about all members of their communities.

Competitive advantage

Optimize your website’s reach and create a competitive advantage: As a lawyer, you are expected to have your finger on the pulse of all legal trends, especially one expanding at the rate that this one is. Law firms serve the entire community, which undoubtedly includes people with disabilities (i.e., 15% of the population).

You can create a competitive advantage by making your website accessible and reaching out to a huge, underserved, and extremely loyal group of potential clients. Accessibility also plays a role in reducing your bounce rates and making sure that everyone can access your site’s content.

What does this mean for you and your business’s website?

You have two options: Comply or take a significant risk of lawsuits by not complying.

If you choose to comply, we have a simple, streamlined solution for you! BERI Design Consultancy has partnered with accessiBe to provide an ADA compliant solution for your website!

accessiBe is the leading AI-powered web accessibility solution that makes websites accessible to people with disabilities, and compliant with the WCAG, ADA, and other accessibility legislation.

Why use accessiBe?

  • Easy, fast implementation
  • Persons with various disabilities can adjust how they view and interact with your website without interfering with the codebase, layout or design
  • accessiBe re-scans and re-analyzes your website every 24 hours to maintain ADA and WCAG compliance
  • Receive personalized reports that you can use to prove compliance
  • BERI Design Consultancy will install and configure accessiBe on your behalf

How does it work?

Watch this 3-minute demo and this video of a person who is blind using accessWidget:

Are there tax incentives?

Yes. Up to a $5,000 tax credit is available to business owners that invest in accessibility. Click here to download the IRS tax incentive information and the tax forms for your tax professional to review.

What does it cost?

For websites under 1,000 unique pages | Billed annually


The cost to implement this is $590 per year. This price includes installation, ongoing maintenance, an accessibility statement, monthly compliance audits, and accessiBe’s litigation support package.

Make your site ADA compliant today


The benefits  of an accessible website

Extend market reach

The spending power of people with disabilities is more than $6 trillion

Mitigate legal risk

Mitigate the risk of lawsuits by complying with accessibility legislation

Boost brand perception

Showing that accessibility is important to you will enhance your reputation


Accessibility  is the right thing to do,Compliance is legally  required 

Not only accessibility is good for business, but since the recent DOJ affirmation websites are considered places of public accommodations and must be accessible for people with disabilities.

graph ada

Inaccessible websites faceserious  legal consequences

With exponential growth in web accessibility, legal actions have a widespread effect across industries, with small and medium businesses in the center. Lawsuit numbers are estimated to continue to increase as the need to enable accessible digital experiences becomes more prominent.

Make your site ADA compliant today