I have the right to control my website domain and access the registrar's account.


I can manage my own website hosting.


If I use a content management system, I should be able to log in as the main administrator, controlling who else has access to the site.


I can update my website content without having to rely on an external agency.


I should be able to access my Google Analytics account.


I have the right to be educated on how to use my website and other reporting tools.


I can expect honest and accurate bids. If a task goes beyond the original bid, I want to be informed beforehand so I can understand the costs and benefits.


I expect the development company to understand my business and overall marketing strategy. This understanding should guide their decisions to make the most out of my investment.


I have the right to understand the website development process in simple terms. I don't want to be overwhelmed with technical jargon that makes it hard for me to make informed decisions.


I want my website to be developed using industry standards and best practices.


I should receive my projects on time as long as I fulfill my own project responsibilities promptly.


If there are trends or changes in technology that affect my website, I want to be notified and advised on what action to take.