Founders shouldn’tkeep the books

You didn’t start a business to become a bookkeeper. Even if you’re great with numbers, the fact is that your time is better spent growing your business, not coding receipts and reconciling bank accounts.

Leave keeping the books to me, Jacob, the bookkeeping Ninja. My mission is to create freedom for tradesmen and general contractors through stress-free business finances.

Your mission is to build a wildly successful business that brings your talents to the world.

Free your time to focus on what matters

Success in business comes down to how well you can focus on what really matters, which is tougher than it sounds. Running a business means wearing a dozen different hats. Every day. Sometimes every hour.

You could buy a bigger hat rack or you could trust your bookkeeping to me, the bookkeeping Ninja. I free you from the “money stuff” so you can focus more time in your genius zone where you do your best work. At the same time, I make sure you have up-to-date, accurate financial information to plan your next business moves.

More than just data entry

Bookkeeping services you receive from me is more than just data entry. Though it is an important part of the job, there is much more to it than just that.

  • I compile easily understandable summaries of financial activity and trends to show business owners.
  • I check the company's spending records for inefficient financial activity.
  • I can devise financial strategies to help clients optimize cash flow.
  • I contact clients or appropriate agencies regarding payment.
  • I find ways to optimize tax spending.

All this has to do with creativity and personal integrity, not just being good with figures.

Jacob Beri
"I have been working with Jacob for over two years now and I am really happy with the great service he provides us. He is very helpful and personal. I can definitely recommend Jacob to our business partners and fellow contractors."

⸺ Roland H. of HCC