Our email marketing process

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1. Connect

To begin, we pull your branding from the social media profile you’ve selected and convert it into an editable, mobile-friendly template.

Beri Group Email Section Customize

2. Customize

From there, you can re-order the content, remove posts that are no longer relevant, and edit the snippets for each post. You can also add new posts by simply pasting their address.

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3. Send

Once you’re happy with your newsletter, you then connect your Email Service Provider account and choose the list of recipients you want to send it to. You can either send your newsletter immediately or schedule for it to be sent at a more opportune moment in the future.

Beri Group Email Section Relax

4. Relax

Now that’s done you can sit back, relax, and figure out what to do with the extra hours you’ve gained from only taking 10 minutes or less to send our your newsletter!

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Email marketing is a proven method that helps businesses achieve their goals

Email is a powerful engagement tool for most businesses. When it comes to acquiring new customers, email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter.

Despite being a long-standing form of communication, email is not obsolete. It generates the highest return on investment (ROI) for one out of four companies, and 73 percent of firms confirm that email marketing is a core part of their business strategy. So, whether you need to sell your products, promote your service, or share a big news story, an email marketing campaign can be used to communicate your message.

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Large and small businesses love email marketing

Email marketing is an extremely powerful and simple process. It encourages two-way communication, attracts new customers, and deepens relationships between your business and your existing clients.

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Create an email marketing campaign your recipients can't ignore

Email marketing is more than writing sales copy and pressing the send button. It takes time to analyze your audience and craft content that wins them over and converts to sales. Here at Beri Group, we are obsessed with creating and distributing high ROI emails that will out-perform most marketing channels.

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Responsive design

We create emails that address the specific needs of your audience. Our focus is on analyzing past user activity, helping us to segment them so we can send relevant messages to each of your customers.

Precise campaigns

We create emails that address the specific needs of your audience. Our focus is on analyzing past user activity to segment your customers and send relevant messages to each of them.

Campaigns for your goals

No two companies are identical. We create campaigns to match your business goals; be it list size, click-through rate, active and inactive user rate, or something completely customizable.

Singular focus on ROI

The success of a campaign depends on its return rate for your business. That’s why we create ROI-focused campaigns.