WordPress powers over 30% of the internet and is a content management system that allows individuals and businesses without technical backgrounds to design and maintain dynamic WordPress websites. WordPress is said to be SEO-friendly out of the box, and it is. But are there steps that can be taken to ensure your WordPress site can rank highly in the search engines?

Yes, here are five SEO assets that will help increase your WordPress site’s visibility in the search engine and improve its ranking.

Yoast SEO

While there are dozens of good SEO plugins available out there, Yoast SEO is the most popular and used for a reason. If you’re looking to improve or boost your SEO efforts, you’ve come to the right place.

Feature-rich, the plugin had many useful tools including:

  • Page analysis tool
  • Technical WordPress SEO
  • Title and meta description templating to improve branding and consistent snippets in results
  • Advanced XML Sitemaps functionality

Yoast SEO takes you through every step to help you properly optimize your WordPress website and help you learn how. Your pages are scanned, and you’re advised on each element what needs to be added, changed, or deleted.

With a detailed but easy-to-understand approach, Yoast SEO is a must-have for successful SEO on any WordPress site.

A Google Review Link

Internet users value online reviews and rely on them for current and accurate information to help with buying decisions. MOZ’s Local Search Ranking Factors Survey tells us that reviews can determine up to 10% of how top search engines rank search results.

The quicker reviews are posted, the faster your customers can turn to them. While finding reviews and placing them on your website should be simple, but how do you encourage customers to leave reviews from your website?

Google review links are a great way to boost your local SEO efforts. Having this kind of links makes it significantly easier to leave a review, so you’re more likely to receive more legitimate reviews. When customers click your link, they’ll be able to rate your business and leave a review.

Google reviews can help build your business’s online reputation and attract customers in growing numbers. Create a simple link in just a few clicks that can grow your audience and bring higher revenues.

Google Analytics

If you’re not using Google Analytics to measure the results of your SEO efforts, it’s time you started using it. There’s no better tool to measure your results than one given to you by the top search engine itself.

Google Analytics (GA) in itself is a complex topic but if you want to make its use easy, take a look at the Google Analytics by MonsterInsights plugin. It’s being used by millions of sites and offers a lot of great features:

  • Access GA data on a dashboard within your WordPress site
  • Access to demographics and reports you can customize
  • Allows you to use asynchronous or universal tracking codes
  • Allows you to use Google Analytics API to make installation easy
  • Internal and outbound link tracking

Using this plugin will not only make accessing valuable insights about your WordPress site easy, but it will help you to make better SEO decisions as you go along.

Google XML Sitemaps

Is there a way to ensure your website’s content gets indexed by the search engines? Most do what they can to use good SEO technique but why work hard and hope for the best?

The Google XML Sitemaps plugin will create a sitemap automatically for your WordPress site. A good sitemap can make it infinitely easier for the search engines to properly index your site.

The plugin actually does much of the work for you, updating your sitemap to include all your content once it’s published. It’s efficient and easy to understand, even if you’re fairly new to WordPress, SEO, or both.

Broken Link Checker

The Broken Link Checker is an invaluable tool because it helps you keep up with the growing body of work that is your WordPress site. It scans your website for missing images and broken links. If you have any such issues, you can immediately fix them to protect your ranking in the search engines.

The plugin will notify you of broken links as it monitors for such errors. That frees up more of your time to spend on developing new content for your website.

The plugins features include the following:

  • Monitors links in all comments, pages, posts, and custom fields
  • Lets you know if a given link doesn’t work
  • Allows you to set how broken links appear in posts
  • Allows you to keep search engines from following any broken links the encounter

Broken links can harm your rankings in the search engines and degrade the user experience of your visitors. With Broken Link Checker, you have a great way to immediately deal with broken links. Robust and easy to use, this plugin is used by many who get great results.

Do your research on any plugin or method you’re thinking about trying on your WordPress website to boost your SEO marketing efforts. The above tips and plugins are a good place to start as you work towards increasing your website’s visibility in the search engines and improving your SEO.

Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to revamp your website’s performance, let Beri Group help!