Businesses looking for growth in today’s competitive information-based society are on the right path if they’re searching for online marketing channels for businesses. With consumers becoming increasingly mobile and expecting reasonable response times, companies are expected to meet customer expectations for using a majority of the mainstream online platforms that are available. Here are five online channels that you should be leveraging to reach your customers.

Google My Business

One of the most important online channels you want to set up is your Google My Business channel. If your business is already listed on Google My Business, you should make sure to claim and verify the business is yours. Also, completely populate your business profile information and include relevant photos of your business. Some great photos to include are quality shots of the exterior and interior of your building and photos of your products or list of services. Google My Business is a powerful listing tool that users can sort to find local businesses. Google My Business is also the listing engine that will allow your business to appear on Google Maps and Google Local searches. It is an essential online channel for small local businesses.


Facebook is one of the most important online channels where you should list your business. You’ll want to completely fill out your business profile information, such as hours of operation, address and phone number, and upload quality photos. Adding a call to action on a Facebook Business page creates a natural transition from the page to your company’s website. One of the most important things to do on Facebook is to create constant and scheduled content for your customers.

Your Website

When it comes down to it, all marketing channels are used to direct customers to your website. And, you do not want your customers to be disappointed when they land on your page. Make sure that your website has valuable content that addresses your customer’s needs. Whether you share informative blog posts, product videos, product descriptions or customer testimonials, you want to make sure that your website is fast and responsive and delivers valued content to your target customers.

Email Marketing

Email is a large part of people’s lives these days. Over 100 billion emails are exchanged daily all around the world. For most small business owners, email marketing is probably the most cost-effective method of reaching your customers. It enables you to reach a large number of your customers at a minimum cost. Most people have an email app installed on their mobile device, so your email can reach them quickly. When utilizing email marketing, remember that customers dislike spam. Use an email management system that allows you to personalize each email and filter the contents to match your customer’s interests.


Instagram can be a powerful tool for sharing the visual media content of your business. You can upload videos or photos of your products, engage excitement through sneak-peek product images or even promote a countdown of a new product line with prizes and raffles. Images can generate powerful interest. Instagram is one of the most active online channels for companies to engage their customers, promote their products, and receive product feedback.

Setting up your business on online channels is important for getting your business on the map and noticed by consumers. Not only do online channels help to improve your visibility, but they will also help you improve interactions with current and potential customers. Consumers value visibility and transparency, and companies that open themselves up for communication and to receive consumer feedback can significantly improve their credibility.