Your new business is going great, revenue is up, customer reviews are glowing, and you have your ideal team on board. The next phase is to begin to plan for massive growth, with your vision at the forefront. Although it may seem at this moment like you can do nothing wrong, you might need to stop and think for a bit before moving too quickly. Here are three things you need in place before you start on the path of massive business growth.


If yours is a new business, you more likely than not began with only one location. This made it rather easy to communicate with your team and see the product before it was shipped or handed over to the customer. However, once you begin to expand into either multiple locations or multiple warehouse distribution centers, that instant communication will be thrown out the window. Therefore, before your massive growth, you must have the necessary tech to ensure that no loss of quality is found with your product or service.

One of the most important things to implement amongst your team is cloud-based technology. This will provide everyone an up-to-date view of a certain product or service. You no longer have to email or text each and every person about one thing. Thus, it is incredibly important to conduct research and implement communication tech that eases your process and provides a clear benefit.

Smart Culture

You might have heard that every company has a culture. Although this is true, simply having a positive culture where everyone respects each other is not enough. To handle this massive growth, you will also need to implement a smart culture. A smart culture introduces various types of management techniques. One of these includes a coaching culture. There are a number of benefits of a coaching culture that can help your business in the long run. One of the most important includes the fact that your staff is confident in your leadership skills as they see you there with them through the good and the bad.


If you think running a single location is difficult, you haven’t seen anything yet. When a business goes through massive growth, your time will be required at double the normal rate. Therefore, before signing off on any other location or marketing strategy, you need to be confident regarding your stamina. Can you really handle this growth, or will you need additional help? This is a very important thing that often does not get considered by business leaders before they take the leap.

Running a successful business can be both difficult and exciting, especially when you see growth happening. However, it can be very easy to stumble through a stage of massive business growth. Utilize the tips listed above in order to avoid common mistakes.

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