Using social media as a way to market your different products is a smart way to go. But like any marketing strategy, there are huge pitfalls that you should look out for and avoid at all costs. Being aware of some of the most common ones can help you steer clear.


Not Setting a Strategy

One of the worst mistakes you can make when trying to do social media marketing is not creating a plan beforehand. You might think that social media marketing will be relatively intuitive because you have your own personal social media accounts but think again.


Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have different algorithms and different tools for designated business accounts than personal accounts. You will definitely need to learn those tools and create a specific plan for your posts.


Publishing Nonrelevant Content

Another huge pitfall that many businesses make is failing to ensure that their content is actually good quality. Only when your content is quality should you focus on rapidly and effectively getting the word out about your product. When you reach out to influencers, try to find those whose personal brand aligns with yours. 


So what’s the only way they’ve been able to establish a large fan base? Influencers keep their social media numbers high by posting content that is relevant to their fans. If you are flooding your followers’ feed with content that isn’t helpful, you could lose a lot of followers on your page.


Posting Infrequently

Even if you are able to nail your content and are posting great slide decks or videos, that content’s effectiveness goes way down if you aren’t posting frequently. In order to draw in more followers and keep them coming back, you need to be consistent—consistent in the quality of your content and consistent in the frequency of your posting.


Figure out a content calendar for your social media. Try to post to your timeline a couple of times a week and then use the other features on the platform during the week as well. Finding the right frequency and rhythm will be unique to you, but once you find it, stick with it.


While these things are some of the most unfortunate pitfalls to avoid, do your research to make sure that you aren’t doing any other social media no-nos. Being aware of different things that could negatively impact your presence on social media will help you really maximize the positive content you do have. 


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